At WaterdogWebsites, we don’t just design websites, we help grow your business. It is our goal to integrate cutting edge technology with original concepts and strategies to bring your vision to life.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We determine a needs analysis. It starts with a client meeting to gather client/industry centered information, identify your audience and goals .  We don’t use templates or formulas. Each website is as unique, just like your organization. We get to know you and your industry and learn about your goals, your target market and your competition. By understanding our clients early in the process, we build better, more profitable websites.

Step 2: This is where design moves from information to reality and we discuss strategy. During a creative meeting, ideas, layout, functionality, and mock-ups will be presented to provide a clear presentation of your unique website. Many times clients decide at this stage to have additional or modified features and functions.  Our goal is  to create a distinctive design that makes a dynamic impact. 

Step 3: Now we take design to code, build pages, and continue client communication. We produce blended ideas and strategy with the flare of technology. Using the latest web standards and techniques, we develop a website that is user friendly and functional while optimizing the return on your investment.

Step 4: On time and within budget, WaterdogWebsites presents the finalized site for your approval. We launch SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and SMM (social media marketing) critical marketing components before the site is submitted to search engines ensuring your customers will find you.

Step 5: Optimize At WaterdogWebsites – we are committed to supporting you, your business and your website investment on an ongoing basis. 

Note: There are many components to choose from depending on your needs (polls, email, shopping cart, etc.). As a example, many customers want control of their Website to update text, videos, graphics, and pictures through a CMS (content management system) and this is always offered as a choice. Also, don’t forget, your Website is yours, you own the “url”, and we recommend the worlds largest “hosting companies”. There are never additional charges to our project.

Interactive Websites Engage your Audience

No one just wants to be talked to. Interaction with a Website is no different. Whether it be entertainment, education or the marketplace, interactive websites make the experience enjoyable. WaterdogWebsites understands this important aspect.